My episodic journey towards light

Assalam o Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatahu my people in Islam and beyond. I hope that you are in the best states of health and Emaan, InshaAllah.

Reversion/transformation (for the better of course) stories have inspired me and  have always acted as the greatest Emaan boosting doses.

I recently started observing face veil, some two weeks back, and got many curious looks and questions, every ‘double U’ one could possibly ask, I would say.

– What/Who inspired you?

– Why so early? (which is not at all early by the way)

– When did this happen?

– Who is behind?

so on and so forth.

Since, I feel, I do not have a two-minute story so i got this idea of jotting down my journey step by step, InshaAllah! The sole purpose is only to help those who are struggling like me to be a better person and most importantly, to come out of the shell of being *Fuslims and be actual practicing Muslims. There is a long way to go, obviously and I pray, may Allah makes it easy for all of us and include us among His favorite people. (Too big to ask for but I strongly believe nothing is big for Allah, the way He has always amazed me, making a way out at the most impossible times ever. Alhmdulilah!)

I will be starting from my childhood, as far as i can remember, coming into the hip-hop teenage and becoming a music freak, having the biggest aim to meet my favorite stars, a walking showbiz encyclopedia and a-new-hairstyle-every-now-and-then kind of a girl.

It’s not that I am boasting about my bad deeds, there is nothing to boast about anyway neither i find it cool and i am actually ashamed. But i do wish to share my life, the good and the bad parts, InshaAllah, and I hope it helps people like me. (May Allah forgive me for all those years I spent in Jahiliyah, keep me in your duas.)

There is another reason I wanted to share all this was, I have noticed, there are many people, whether Muslims or Non Muslims, who may not appear very religious but deep inside, they are struggling, struggling very hard, to find what is right, the purpose of life and they just need a little push. The way reversion stories have always guided, inspired and motivated me, I hope and pray that this blog too, proves to be a little help for all those struggling souls, InshaAllah.

How I sacrificed my daily hair styling and started hijab, what was the driving force, then Abaya and finally being convinced about the face veil. ‘Finally’ does not signifies the end of the joruney, it’s actually the start, the same way you take a U-Turn and you see a totally different road ahead of you. This road, I call, the way to Allah, is Wallahi, the most beautiful ever, Alhmdulilah!

Okay, so have you people ever experienced something impossible getting possible with His Mercy? Well, for me, covering the face was one of those steps. Because it was the same ‘me’ with this philosophy, just two months back, I used to quote to everyone, that covering the face was not mandatory but an exaggeration in the religion (Astaghfirullah). I used to run away from ‘face veil discussions’ fearing that i might get convinced and would then have to observe it, this was the most scary thing ever to me. But Wallahi! He is so SUPER GREAT, He indeed changes hearts amazingly. SubhanAllah! I call it ‘the moment’, it was meant to happen and so it did, and without a bit of regret, I thank Allah for this. Alhmdulilah.

I might not be as regular as i should, because of my studies but I promise to write once every month, InshaAllah. May Allah gives me the Tawfeeq to share my journey in the best way possible. Everything good that i (will) say is from Allah SWT and if I say anything bad, I apologize for that (in advance too) and that is solely from me. May Allah brings us closer to the Deen and include us among His chosen ones, InshaAllah.

Wa Akhiru Da’wana Anil Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. Assalam o Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatahu.

(*Fuslim: a terminology by Br Imran Ibn Mansur, signifying fake Muslims (non practicing). I use it quite often as i found it very true.)

– a happy Ninjabi/Niqabi enjoyimg the Royalness to the max, Alhmdulilah! :’)